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Since 2004, myEcostaff serves law and medical firms

  • “A panel of applications in fact, are used by the overall ECOSTAFF team (100 users) and contributes to our core business management and monitoring . Since the issuance of the tasks from the customers tp the statistical flow analysis , we are supported by a wide range of management tools , monitoring and kpi.”

    Jean-Marc BRULE.
    CEO Ecostaff
  • “The myEcostaff 2016 version , will allow us to increase our production capacity while integrating new activities and services at our two production sites . The distribution of tasks , monitoring and individual statistics will be improved for increased productivity . Our operators will be better followed and supported on their achievements.”

    Paul-Emile A.
    Production Manager
  • “The HELIOP team supports us since the beginning of the activity. The skills are wide and hindsight is always at work of feet despite the distance and the challenges of our business. Particularly preferred team responsiveness in the context of 7h / 22h production. The overall quality of our services that must be blameless.”

    Aymen B.
    Production Manager


  • “Since the cockpit is in place I have better visibility on the monitoring of copies delivered remotely by students, and corrected remotly as well by the teachers . A good traceability of information provides an improved quality of service. We worked on the new version on a daily basis requirements based on our direct feedbacks to HELIOP Team.”

    Karina K.
    Key Account Manager
  • “We gathered and linked various tools but not only! The difficulty in IT projects is often a lack of understanding of the needs and the inadequacy of the solution with requirements. HELIOP team does not only bring technological tools but also their experiences by challenging needs while involving users”

    Christophe TARDY.
  • “Remote work in our business is not so obvious. Correct and follow copies for different sections, can sometimes be tedious especially for the administrative part . FORSEAD gives us a tool for monitoring , alerts and eased the centralization of information allowing us to improve our monitoring for the students while being support all along.”

    Sophie T.

CLIKECO, The solution which puts
your waste box

"Heliop is more than a supplier for our business, it is a partner.

The whole team knows and masters the problem , yet very specific , field related to our business and knows to be responsive to bring us relevant answers.

We work with Heliop since its creation and they bring us a powerful and immediate technical support . Every day or so, we have a relationship with a professional at Heliop for our daily needs.

During the evolution of our business franchise network , the significant growth in the number of CLIKECO agency in France was directly subject to the evolution of our ERP.

In this challenge, Heliop has supported us real time and allowed us to achieve our goals .

And we have never been disappointed . A relationship of trust has settled over the years."
Ferdinand Bezu, CLIKECO PARIS


HELIOP and its team are in constant technology and management watch . We learn from each other by managerial innovation and thorough collaboration. "Les jeudis d'HELIOP" of our informal "goûter" allow a common intake according to our own desires, the profits of all , discovering weekly , unusual inputs, technical or managerial . HELIOP invests in R & D projects ( Research and Development) and is launching an application dedicated to provide step by step routes within a buildings without GPS . D- DALE , orientation in the maze of your buildings, is a mobile application service to support your users and serve them in complex itineraries of your buildings , shopping centers, hospitals and clinics, administrative centers


Our customers appreciate our profiles diversity and that we are open minded. We go beyond the co-construction of management tools , it is a leitmotiv ! We are co-inventor of the services and tools available to your customers' customers.

HELIOP and Sergio Moura de Castro , managing director and founder , are involved in various organizations including the CJD ( an Entreprenarial club in  Paris ) to share, exchange and learn the best practices of business management and project management, human and collective. Compare ideas , learn, excel , are strong values ​​and founding beliefs that allow us to be alert and proactive in our achievements , accomplishments.


With the experience and the evolution of our customers, we have co-directed various business solutions since 2003 in sectors of very different activities (logistics , catering, industrial waste , services, retail , e-business ) but always according to three main axes :

  • dematerialization,
  • outsourcing of business processes,
  • and mobile applications .


D- One Consulting is a specialized integrator in the market of Business Intelligence (Reporting , Dashboards , Data Analysis ) , CPM ( Corporate Performance Management - Budget preparation , Forecast, simulation ... ) and qualitative data management.


UniMédia is an Internet operator for professionals with strong expertise in computer and network. Founded in 1995 in Angers, we have long existed without any commercial service which is a singularity in a highly competitive telecommunications market !


Fuseo is a consulting firm that accompanies the evolution of financial directors and management control over processes , organization and information systems in order to reliable financial data, improve forecasting and optimize operational management.


Multimedia Specialist Pulpsoft of Gamepulp . Partner communication agencies , we respond to all the multi- media needs.
We are present at every level of evolution of the image, whether fixed , animated , interactive then increasing reality.



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